Top 5 tips when creating a nursery

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Creating a nursery can be daunting, but should be a joyous activity. Whether you are already  interiors obsessed (like me….!!) or are feeling over whelmed with advice from every friend and relation on what you need…. here are our 5 tips….

1 – Pick a theme early and design around it

Whether you love scandi or woodlands or just have a colour scheme that you love – decide on that first! Don’t forget that Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for visual inspiration.


2 – You don’t need to get too organised prior to baby’s arrival…

The first few weeks and months with your newborn will be so exciting. You will want to be shopping for gender specific décor. And don’t believe what you hear… you will have time in those first three months for shopping! Particularly online! Baby will spend loads of time sleeping and feeding!


3 – The change table is the key nursery item…

I cant even tell you after two children how many nappies I have changed… how many hours I have spent standing at the change table. Don’t skimp – buy one you love, with loads of storage to coordinate all necessary items with in reach. If your baby arrives early the change table is an essential item, along with the bassinet which (in most cases) will be in your room.


4 – A feeding chair

You might feed (breast or bottle is irrelevant!) where ever and when ever to start with you – but after a few months when you are trying to help the baby identify day to night – the feeding chair is so important! Comfortable and with a shelf or table within reach. This chair will also be used long in to the future for bedtime books and middle of the night cuddles.


5 – A shelf that is high up…. away from little fingers….

A shelf that you can reach but not a toddler is important! This can be used for creams and ointments or your favourite books and breakables that you would like beautifully displayed but out of reach.


Most of all enjoy selecting the items and decorating your nursery! This is one of the most exciting times in your life!


Ps. Remember to add some beautiful wooden pieces!