April School Holiday Fun!

School Holiday Fun!

At From The Woods With Love we are at the start of our first official school holiday break!

With our oldest bambino completing his first term of Reception – it has been a huge adjustment for all of us. And not to mention we have missed him like crazy. Now the big question – how to fill these glorious 2 weeks with Mr 5 back by our side! Yes he needs some rest as he has finished the term exhausted….. but we also need some fun!

So here is our SA relevant list…..

Morialta Nature Playground, Stradbroke Road, Woodforde

Belair Adventure Playground, Belair National Park, Belair

The Tree Climb, Children’s Adventure Course, Greenhill Road, Adelaide (Children must be over 100cm in height)

Beach time, we love it regardless of the weather!

Baking Anzac cookies (And most probably pancakes too!)

Easter craft

If we tick the rest off….. tidy up the paddock, collect sticks and make a nature teepee!

How will you be filling your school holidays?

Aleta Kids | Designed in New York | Made in Spain

Wooden Lacing Duck - mum life
Wooden Lacing Duck
Wooden Lacing Duck
Anchovy Lacing Toy
Anchovy Lacing Toy

Have you met Aleta Kids?

Aleta Kids are creators of the most gorgeous wooden toys – designed in New York and made in Spain. They are passionate about producing toys that allow children to play and explore in many ways. They embrace the slow-life philosophy, practicing mindfulness and being in the moment.

We were blown away by their beautiful threading toys. Fine motor skills are constantly on the minds of parents, and a toy that is both visually appealing and fun while educational is a win on all fronts.

Ducks, clouds, fish, boats, nets, knots and other sea world elements are constant themes in the designs. The products are made from sanded European Beechwood.

Aleta Kids toys are made for curious minds that love to learn and dream.

– Play is essential –

Designed in New York, handmade in Spain

Shop the range here – https://www.fromthewoodswithlove.com/vendor/aleta-kids/

How to make the most of Autumn!

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. Let these guided activity ideas help your family to enjoy all that Autumn has to offer.

Collect colourful Autumn leaves to make a collage

Dig out the glue, pencils and googly eyes…. Think birds, fish or a magical garden. Let their imagination run wild. (And of coure let your little ones throw leaves and make piles to jump in while collecting!)

Make a bird feeder

I remember doing this as a child! Collect pine cones, tie a length of string for hanging. Slather in peanut butter then add seeds. Watch the birds enjoy it once hanging in your favourite tree.

Bird watching

Whether in your garden or the local park, the birds are around and active. Make the most of the mild, dry days to get outside and enjoy bird watching.

Have a picnic

In Autumn we try to be outside as much as possible in anticipation of those long wet days spent inside when winter arrives.

Gardening with bulbs ready for spring

Autumn and in particular May in Australia is the best time to plant bulbs. My children love to help in the garden. Last May we planted Tulips and Daffodils. The children loved watching them grow and flower in spring.

Paint an Autumn tree

Mix paint in the beautiful autumn colours, paint a trunk and let the children finger paint the leaves.

Leaf tracing

Collect leaves and place between two pieces of paper. When you rub with a pencil all their lovely veins and bumps will show through.

Get creative with an Autumn themed play doh session

Autumn collectables like leaves, seeds and pine cones can be a great addition to play doh play!

So get out there and get creative! Enjoy all that Autumn has to offer before that cold winter wind starts to blow our way….