Yay!! Another baby for Team at From The Woods With Love!

Rolling Wooden Rattle
Beechwood Bunny Teether
Shellamy Baby Hairbrush and Comb Set
Beechwood Key Teether
Baby & Toddler Swing | Pretty in Pink
Personalised Circular Name Plaque Floral Style 2
Wooden Teething Toy | Cloud

Another baby is on the way….. number 3! We couldn’t be more excited that we get to welcome another little babe in to the world and experience another pregnancy!

And with this news, meet our top 10 wooden baby gifts!! Babies on the brain…. and bladder you could say!!

1  |  Rolling Wooden Rattle

2  | Beechwood Bunny Teether

3  | Beechwood Shape Sorter

4  | 3 Piece Wooden Baby Hairbrush and Comb Set 

5  |  Beechwood Key Teether 

6  |  Baby and Toddler Swing  |  Pretty in Pink

7  | Personalised Circular Name Plaque

8  | Wooden Cloud Teether

9  |  Wooden Teething Toy  |  Dummy Clip

10  | My Little Wooden Wagon

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Memory Card Game - Woodland - free gift tags

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Mum life and my wooden adventure!

mum life From the Woods with Love.
mum life From the Woods with Love.
mum life White Teepee
Wooden Lacing Duck - mum life
Memory Card Game - Animal - mum life

I love being a mum! I am a mumma to two of the most amazing little humans. They are crazy, funny, adventurous, creative, affectionate and loud!! Mum life is heaven and I wouldn’t change a thing….. except all the plastic toys in our home.

When I was a child we played with beautiful, hand made toys. We didn’t have a playroom filled with them, but the toys we had were great quality. I am passionate about surrounding my children with toys that will aid their development, beautifully made, safe for our health and the health of our planet, long lasting (and I mean really tough!!) and aesthetically gorgeous. 

I want my children to have toys that last so well they can proudly give to their own children.

This hunt has led me to WOOD! Wooden toys encourage creativity and imagination. They have less chemicals than plastic and are recyclable! A quality wooden toy has longevity, can outlast a generation of tiny fingers and become a family heirloom.

I adore gift giving. Many people will groan at the thought. I love to select gifts that are beautiful, hand made, timeless and high quality. There is joy in selecting a gift that a child and mother will both love, and that will be different from all their other gifts. Pre Christmas and birthdays are my most favourite months of mum life, when I am busy selecting the gifts for my family and friends! THE BEST!!

This passion has led me to create From The Woods With Love. A carefully selected collection of beautiful and timeless wooden toys, and homewares for children. 

I invite your to join me on this journey to provide the best play and learning environment for our little ones.

Anna – From The Woods With Love xx