Winter School Holiday fun….

Winter School Holiday activity ideas!

Daunted by the idea of the approaching winter School Holidays? Are you predicting it is going to be a wet two weeks in your town or city? I was just slightly terrified prior to researching this post! Read on for a couple of new ideas to make the most of quality time with your little people during the July School Holidays.

Sweet Tooth?

In SA we are blessed with chocolate factories that offer tours and tastings! Think Haighs and Melba’s! Phone ahead to check on availability in case you need to book.

Like a Roaring good time?

The Zoo is a great place to visit during winter! You will find a lot less visitors in the cooler months and might even have the place to yourselves! Sure, some of the residents might be in hiding… but those crazy penguins and amusing meerkats are amongst the many animals that will be looking forward to seeing you and your little people, regardless of the temperature!

Peppa Pig fan?

This a no-brainer… put on the gum boots and go adventuring! You will all be creating forever memories while jumping in puddles…. particularly if you all get caught in the rain!

Have a Bake Off!

Messy but oh so fun!

Do you remember those strange places called libraries?

They actually still exist! A lovely place to spend a few hours, reading and playing! Visit the website of your local to check on school holiday activities relevant to the ages of your children.

Any friends with a farm?

The best time of year to toast marshmallows on a bonfire and meet the farm animals! Rug up and enjoy the outdoors.


Still stuck…. you can always go to the movies…. host a movie night….or have a pyjama party!


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