5 Reasons Wooden Toys are the Best for your Mini People!

Why wooden toys

Welcome to From The Woods With Love – and our very first blog post!! I thought we should start with the facts! Why wooden toys! Here are the 5 reasons why we started this adventure!

Wooden, natural toys are healthier for our children and environment, allowing our little people to think more creatively during playtime.

– ECO_FRIENDLY – Protecting our earth for future generations is so important. Introducing children to wooden toys is a subtle way to start teaching them about the planet and its importance. They are durable and long lasting, lasting much longer than plastic toys. Wooden toys are, of course recyclable.

– MAKE PLAYTIME SAFE – There are resources available these days discussing the chemicals and ugly substances in plastic…. If I can reduce chemicals in the toys I choose for my children to play with, and the gifts I give – I will. This is of heightened importance in baby toys which are chewed and sucked for teething and exploration.

– DURABILITY – Why wooden toys? I would love for my children to have toys that they can hand down to their children and grand children. Wooden toys are tough! They are sturdy and long lasting.

– CREATIVE PLAY – Wooden toys encourage open ended, creative play. Wooden toys are often dismissed as being basic. But a basic toy can stimulate children’s creativity, which is so important for development. Consider wooden blocks – these can become a tower, house, zoo or castle. For those with toddlers we know how incredible their imaginations are!

– GENDER NEUTRAL – Often wooden toys are a gender neutral, blank canvas.

Join us on our journey to source amazing wooden toys and children’s homewares in the one location – From The Woods With Love.

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